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Xiaomi Mi Home Temperature & Humidity Monitor


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Xiaomi Mi Home Temperature & Humidity Monitor Real-time Monitor indoor Temperature & Humidity change, Connect Mi Home App Via Bluetooth. Powered by one AAA battery for one year, battery not included

Real-time Monitor Indoor Temperature and Humidity Change

– Cold or warm, dry or moist, clear at a glance
– Simple LCD screen, clear digital display, easy to read


Preciser Measurement with 0.1 Accuracy – Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees, humidity accuracy: 0.1 percent RH


Monitor Home Temperature and Humidity Anytime Anywhere – Analyze temperature and humidity data, create a comfortable environment


Intelligent Device Linkage – Improve the comfort level of your indoor environment


Unique Wall-sticking Design

Built-in magnet and back glue makes it easily stick to the wall


Powered by One AAA Battery for One Year

Super-low consumption, an AAA battery support for a whole year
*the standby time may be different from different batteries, for your reference only.


Easy APP Connection

Open the Mi Home APP, choose to add device or click the Mi Home Bluetooth Hygrothemograph in the device list, enter the linkage interface

Press the button at the back of the product for 2 seconds until the Bluetooth icon starts flickering.



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