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Xiaomi Mi Home Water Filter Pitcher Food-grade Materials,


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Xiaomi Mi Home Water Filter Pitcher

– Easy to remove lid
– Funnel Open Design
– Dust-Proof Spout

Efficient Filtration, Clean Water

– Efficient filtering harmful substances
– Food contact grade AS material kettle body
– 360 degree water flow design
– LED Screen display filter lifetime

Xiaomi Mijia Filter Kettle uses high-performance activated carbon and ion exchange resin to effectively remove reidual chlorine and reduce harmful substance such as scale and heavy metals.

Select high-quality filter material to ensure filtraton effect

Three-layer filter screen, effectively isolating activated carbon particles, no floating carbon.

Natural coconut shell activated carbon and non-nano-type ion exchange resin make the filter material safer.

Simple appearance, derived from the simple concept of life

Health and safety food contact grade AS material – More intimate design, easier to use.

Funnel-style open design, natural filtration
Natural filtration
Duist-proof design at the outlet, dust-proof and easy to pour water
Easy-to-remove lid for easy watering and cleaning

LED Screen display filter lifetime, reminding you to replace the filter

Xiaomi Mijia filter kettle, filter life can be calculated through the panel hidden LED display. When the last LED flashes, it is reminding you that the filter should be replaced. After each replacement of the filter element, press and hold the “Start” button for about 3 seconds. When the LEDs on the top cover are all displayed, you can reset and recalculate the filter life.

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