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Belkin BSV603AU2M 6 Outlet Surge Strip with 2M Cord Surge Protector


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Belkin BSV603AU2M
Voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage and degrade the overall performance of your computer and peripherals. 
The Belkin Surge Protector, BSV603au2M offers extra outlets, power extension from wall outlets and protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges.  This power surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.

– Six (6) Outlet Surge Strip
– 650 Joules of surge protection to protect your DVD player, gaming console, speakers and other medium sized appliances
– 2 meter cord to place in any living space

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