Xiaomi Anti-blue-rays UV-resistant TS Computer Glasses (Red)


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,Simple style, ultralight and ergonomic ear-stems, Self-adaption nose pad, fit for different face shape new

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor, using a tablet, watching TV, etc., you will like this development of Turok Steinhard engineers.

Designed to protect your eyes, this lightweight and stylish accessory will help to save the expensive thing for each person – vision.

As you know, one of the urgent problems of our time is the effect of the radiation of the blue spectrum (with a wavelength of 415-455 nm) on the human body.

Dryness, eye fatigue, sleep disturbance due to the stimulation of melatonin by waves of blue radiation – all this is the sad reality of the modern high-tech world. However, for each question there is a solution, and in this case this answer is Turok Steinhard Anti-blue Glasses FU006 glasses.

Thanks to the special yellow lenses made with the use of nanomaterials, glasses can reflect about 35% of the harmful blue radiation, ensuring the safety of your eyes and, most importantly, the preservation of vision.

The yellow color of the lens is specifically designed to cut off part of the blue spectrum. It is great for many everyday uses:
Long work at the computer
Computer and mobile games
Long viewing of television programs
Using a tablet or smartphone, etc.

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