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Xiaomi Mi 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad Black


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Xiaomi Wireless Charger

QI Wireless Standard / 10W Max Wireless fast Charging Intelligent Compatibility / Metal Body

Support Qi Wireless charging protocol

Xiaomi wireless cahrger ( universal quick charging version ) conforms to Qi wireless charging standard introduced by wireless charging Alliance and can charge intelligent devices supporting Qi protocol.

Support for intelligent quick charging of multiple models

Xiaomi wireless charger (universal quick charging version) supports quick cahrging of various models. It can provide 7.5W charge for Xiaomi Mix 2S, 7.5W charge for iPhone 8, IPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and 10W charge for Samsung S9.

With the protective cover, your device can also be charged

Xiaomi wireless charger ( universal quick charging version) can reach a stable sensing distance of 4mm and can be charged even with protective cover.

With multiple protections charging will be safer

A variety of safety protection measures such as over-temperature protection and input over-voltage protection are adopted to ensure the safety of equipment during the whole charging process

LED indicator light, intelligent prompt

Xiaomi Wireless Charger ( Universal Quick Charge version) LED intelligent Prompt Lamp gives you prompt at any time to easily judge whether the equipment is running normally or not by the amount of electrivity or flickering of the indicator lamp.

The material is exquisite

Xiaomi wireless charger (universal quick charging version) is made of silicone material with comfortable touch, which not only increases friction but also has shock absorption effect, ensuring stable charging of mobile phone and preventing collision caused by falling. 

Exquisite and minimal appearance

Xiaomi wireless charger ( universal quick charging version) adopts aluminum alloy shell, adds CNC engraving technology to the shell edge on the basis of conventional metal surface treatment technology, and carries out high polishing secondary anode treatment, which visually presents a beautiful contour line and improves the quality feeling while also increasing the hand feeling.


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