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Xiaomi Mi TS Nylon Polarized Sunglasses UV400


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100 Percent UV-Proof for Outdoor Travel Man & Woman

Classic style – Aviator sunglasses

The design of classic Aviator style, a perfect decoration suit for different of face, making your face looks more beautiful, stylish and elegant.



Why do high-end sunglasses prefer nylon polarized lenses?

Nylon lens is an ultra-fine anti-UV transparent crystal material, as a widely used in aviation equipment, bullet-proof glass, military products on the material, its advantages
Is the visible light does not form a scattering, the material itself can block UVA, UVB, different from the film isolation. The role of polarized lenses is to glare, scattered light, fold
Shine filter, the real show of things, increase color saturation, so that vision is more clear.


100% UV-proof – Nylon polarized lens

Adopted shatterproof polyamide nylon lenses, which are ideally suited for natural horn frames due to their lightweight comfort and flexibility. Nylon lenses also offer high UV protection rating (Almost 100%), superior light reflective index, and excellent resistance to heat and chemicals.


Lightweight lens material

The density of nylon polarized sunglasses is only 1.02g per cubic centimeter is one of the current lightweight lens materials.


Sturdy and secure

Nylon lens material impact resistance, strong impact, wrinkle crack is not broken, there is no debris crack.


Exquisite Design – Edgeless and Lightweight

Using advanced craftwork with seamless technology, create a edgeless spectacular frame for more stylish and elegant. Made by 304H stainless steel, which contains 25% the level of ordinary stainless steel, providing a stable and lightweight spectacle frames.


Blue and gold color film, anti-reflective, wear-resistant stains

Colorful film can block the surface of the lens reflection of ultraviolet light, effectively eliminate the reflected light and scattered light, blocking light, visual images more clearly;
Surface wear anti-oil film, so that water droplets and oil can not be adsorbed on the surface, easier to clean and maintenance.


Integrated without welding frame, “Frameless” type

TS nylon polarized sunglasses with integrated molding frame. It uses a “Frameless” design to which there is no visible welding point, this is to visually achieve the effect of being frameless so that the appearance of TS nylon polarized sunglasses stand out.



Nylon polarized lenses / comfortable center of gravity rear frame

No frame design / 304H stainless steel / mirror only weight 18g


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