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Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp Pro Smart Lighting 700 lumens


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Mi Desk Lamp Pro – Professional desktop lighting

Bigger lighting area, bigger brightness | Flexible angle adjustment | Flicker-free, Anti blue light | Siri control


Focus mode

Colour rendering index 90RA, Stepless adjustment of color temperature and brightness at 2500K-4800K. Users can customize periods to focus or rest by switching to different light modes. The focus mode adopts the pomodoro technique that aids users to become more productive and protects the eyes.


Read mode

The Mi Desk Lamp Pro intelligently adjusts the color temperature to a neutral hue (4000K) and a 100% luminance. So even after reading for a long period of time, you don’t experience eye fatigue.


Flicker-free, Anti blue light, Protect your eyes


Flicker detection at all brightness levels

The circular luminous surface design based on medical shadowless lamp technology makes the light source diffuse more uniformly and has no visual ghosting.


Intelligent Control


Simple, intuitive control

Easily switch on and off, adjust color temperature and brightness via a knob.


Aesthetics in home life


Excellent detail design

Reliable quality and durability


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