Free Shipping on all orders over $40 (Domestic ONLY)

Free Shipping on all orders over $40


YOYOSO is a fast fashion home and lifestyle retailer, offering products that integrate the latest design aesthetics into everyday goods to create a simple, fashionable and comfortable way of life. Founded in 2014 by Huan Ma, YOYOSO now has over 1,000 stores worldwide across 36 countries, including 10 here in New Zealand.

Inspired by nature

YOYOSO learns from nature, pursues high quality and pays attention to the protection of natural resources and environment, efficiently making the products closer to nature and our lives with its exquisite, fresh and well-designed characteristics.

Fashionable and affordable

Discover affordable, fashionable and trendy products that offer a combination of functionality, quality, design and value, while upholding our philosophy of sustainable development.

A gift for every ccasion

YOYOSO NZ products range from fashion accessories, home decorations, health and cosmetics, to plush toys, gadgets and more. Five hundred new products are launched every month, so you – our valued customers – can enjoy all of the latest trends.

You’ll find something for everyone from our ever-changing range of products.

Pop on by, we’re in a mall near you!

What’s coming to YOYOSO online?

Wish lists

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In-store pickup

Know what you want? Place an order online, and our staff will have it prepared for you in-store.

YOYOSO rewards

More than just a loyalty program, YOYOSO rewards is your free ticket to offers, perks, & exclusives created just for you.

Interactive store finder

Experience our new interactive store finder and find a YOYOSO near you.

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